A new website. A new EZPR.

"Steve Jobs." - Steve Jobs

One time, Steve Jobs said some very important things. Today is not that day.

EZPR Has A New Website

I hate to admit it, but this will be the fourth EZPR website. We had the "website we put together to have a website." We had the "website we got from someone who meant well that everyone laughed at." Then we had the "website that worked, but not so good." 

Today we're debuting a website that fits our true mission - honesty, results and something that actually works, especially on mobile.

That last part doesn't really apply to the agency, but it does to the many mobile clients we have that have laughed at us.

Why now? Because our client Webflow made a great point - that our current website didn't do a good job at selling us, and wasn't up to the task. So we got it remade by the talented Studio Corvus.

We had a few goals

  • A website that worked well on most, if not all devices.
  • A website that could be updated regularly.
  • A website that worked on mobile.

Not to hype our client too much, but Webflow also happens to have created the new language of the web that also means that all of this was possible - and fast.

Okay, but there's a blog...

Yes, a blog.

The EZPR blog (as are many corporate blogs) because most blogs don't connect directly to the website and, frankly, break.

The World Does Not Need Another PR Blog

And I don't like your attitude.

Specifically, we'll all use the EZPR blog to put together what we feel is stuff that is worth sharing. It likely won't be client stuff, but sometimes may be. Sometimes it will be making fun of PR in general. Either way, it'll be the kind of thing that you will enjoy. I intend to make sure we update it once a week.

What of this "new EZPR?"

There's no real "change" to EZPR in a large way, but as an agency we've grown away from our roots as a startup group. Yes, we service them, but we've worked with public companies - more than a few now - including some we can't talk about - and launched products that have raised $30m in a few months of sales thanks to us. We're not what we used to be.

One big part of that is that this is an agency about "we" not "I," Ed Zitron, even if we're called EZPR. I intend to speak from my heart here, but not on the website. We're a team, a powerful one that delivers great results. It's time we reflected that.

I do still intend to wage my one-man war against really, really bad PR. Don't worry.

Anyway, thank you. Here's to the future.

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